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Two Questions

Some serious Twilight Zoning today. So I had to go with this photo, considering a day that began with a Billy Childish video featuring a pig mask, and ended with Falco petting hairless cats and holding a knife. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there, somewhere, too. But for now, I have all these bizarre [...]

Kubrick Sketch

Thea and Cam go to NYC for the day. They leave early Saturday morning, arrive in Penn before noon, and hop the subway downtown. They go out for noodles near St. Mark’s; they take pictures of themselves in front of the Joe Strummer mural off Tompkins; and then they go shopping. Sometime around four o’clock, [...]

“Tony’s not here, Mrs. Torrance.”

Knox and his daughter Melody are driving Thea home one night, and Thea sits in the backseat with Melody. They’ve just watched The Shining, and Melody loved it—she can’t believe she’s never Kubrick before. Like how lame are her parents, really? And Thea, who does a very good impersonation, takes Melody’s right index finger, and [...]

Shoe Collections

It’s about five o’clock. The two are in Thea’s bed. They’re naked, but her upper body is covered by the sheet. She’s lying with her head at the foot, and her feet in Cam’s lap. He’s drawing hightops in Sharpie on each foot. He has a silver metallic pen for the shoe’s rivets. Can I [...]

Audio-Video-Photo Sketch #1

In response to another commentator, I’m going to try a little experiment here. This is the feel, the mood of a scene I want to write. The gist: Thea’s shooting Cam, skating in the abandoned pool (pretend it’s rounded, not square, please) of her apartment building, just an hour or two after a major hurricane-season [...]

Sex Cards

Setting: Thea’s living room, late afternoon, mid-winter, as the sun’s setting through slatted blinds, the pair sit side by side on the couch, with their matching MacBooks open, on top of each of their laps; Thea’s computer is white and Cam’s is black. Ah . . . look at them, sitting there: young Mac love [...]


I doubt that I can pull it off, but I think I want to try writing a tribute, an homage, if you will, to a scene in Richard Powers’s tremendous novel Gain. I don’t have a copy on me at the moment, and it’s been almost ten years since I read the book, so maybe I’m [...]

Speak, Memories

The connection between Albrecht Dürer and Hugh Hefner:
In 2007, when she’s thirteen, fourteen, at most, Thea’s committed for a few months. When the nurse arrives,  before they take her to the hospital, there’s an awful scene, when Thea’s mother, Renee, and the male nurse break into a foot locker that Thea keeps in the back of her [...]

The United States of Rogue

Hasisi Park

Closing Time, Day 1/360

So use it. That’s all I can do, that’s my only move; I have to use that Simpsons episode. And I’m thinking one of the first scenes, not the opening, but maybe that night, April 6, after Cam leaves? Thinking something along the lines of Thea watching TV in the living room, and her mother [...]