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Quarry at Night

Note: One of the things I’ve been thinking about, looking at the images of the past two days, are what that first week, that first week or two, what that would be like for a girl whose boyfriend disappears. A girl who has very few other friends in school, little support. Really, what’s her behavior [...]

Now That I Know

Notes for an upcoming collaboration with Sabino Aguad:
He asked what we did that day, Detective Knox. That morning, in the teacher’s conference room, he asked what we did after school, and I told him he went to my house.
You missed last period, he said.
Honestly, I didn’t miss it at all, I said, and he smiled.
And [...]


Scene: Saturday afternoon, Renee’s sitting at the kitchen table, reading a magazine, and Thea walks in.
Mom, look what I found, I said, opening my hand and showing her the two pins.
She looked at them a moment, like she wasn’t sure what to say, and I was afraid she might be angry, and then she held [...]

Foley Foley

Seems like I spend half my life in the conference room anymore, and Foley was taking his own sweet time, tidying this stack of folders with his mouth open like he was humored and about to say something, and then he’d close his mouth. I assumed it was about me, whatever was in the folders, [...]

Drivers’ Ed

This Noah Kalina photograph gave me an idea. Following up on the car posts of the past couple days, I think it only makes sense if Cam teaches Thea how to drive a stick. In his car, of course. And naturally, he would choose a spot like this, assuming there’s nothing she could possibly hit. Well, [...]

Girls From the North Country

I listened to Dylan most of the afternoon, the “Covers of Bob” playlist, and all I could think of is a fifteen-year-old girl, with nothing more than a driver’s permit to her name, taking this old American muscle car out for a joyride late one spring afternoon. Knowing, perfectly aware that if she got caught, [...]

Even Sex Dwarfs Started Small

Addition to “Peaches On Beaches” scene:
Late one Friday night in mid-May, 2009, Thea and Renee are sitting at the kitchen table; Renee’s had a couple drinks, and the two are discussing the “new-wave-punk” band that Thea’s father played in, back in the eighties, and Renee says:
You want to know your father’s deep dark secrets? You [...]

Development for “Developments”: Sketch for Leslie Friedman

See, I was just thinking about excruciating songs and teenage girls and looking at Leslie Friedman’s print, and here’s what came to mind.
Raymond, Renee’s boyfriend, whistles. Chronically. Like he hits his whistle zone and doesn’t realize the whole table has been staring at him for a good two minute whistled guitar solo. Even worse, given [...]

Sketch for James Kochalka

“Can I Call You Daddy, Grandpa?”
I thought it might be Knox, but then, just as I opened the door, I had a sickening feeling, and sure enough, there he was:
Close the door, he said. Please, sit down, Theadoara.
What now, Foley? I asked, seeing he had his computer open, waiting for me. Let me guess, I [...]

Sketch for Moni Haworth

Moni Haworth said she thinks the car in that Richard Prince photograph is a Dodge, and thinking about that this morning, I had an idea for a new scene that would take place very early in the morning on April 7, 2009. And in this scene, Thea would be in her bed, dreaming of that [...]