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Waking Beauties and Miss Spock

Top left, Marc Bordons; Top Right, Ethel Verduzco; Bottom, Artist Unknown

Melody’s Dream


One of the most beautiful examples of a notebook that I’ve ever seen online is that of production designer Thérèse Deprez. The first time I came across it was a few years ago, in Esopus, and I was blown away. I just immediately started flipping through its pages, and then, putting two and two together, [...]

My Idea of Fun

Years ago, I took a roadtrip with a boyfriend. We drove halfway across country, all the way to Louisville, Kentucky, just to see a band. My ex-boyfriend didn’t have anything even half as cool as a Chevelle, as one person suggested today for Cam’s car—and a fine suggestion, at that, a real contender, in fact—he [...]

Refused, Part 1

Thank you, Bentley. Even if I don’t use this directly, it’s well suited to the day I’m having. Also, for whatever reason, it reminded me of some old Jem Cohen movies that I’d like to look up. Always for the good. Again, thank you. C.E.

Some Other Women Who Fell From the Moon

Deborah Harry, Artist Unknown; Christian Marclay; Artist Unknown; Vivienne Westwood, Artist Unknown. All images from project file, “Fairy Godmothers.” Thanks to Greg and Annie for giving me reason to unearth them.

My Dad, The Dude

After posting “Talking Car Talk,” I decided I should just go straight to the source. That’s right, I wrote my father, who is an exceptional man, truly. And, in addition to being one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, my dad is a first-generation dude, the original, yes. Which makes me the favorite [...]

Audio-Video-Photo Sketch #1

In response to another commentator, I’m going to try a little experiment here. This is the feel, the mood of a scene I want to write. The gist: Thea’s shooting Cam, skating in the abandoned pool (pretend it’s rounded, not square, please) of her apartment building, just an hour or two after a major hurricane-season [...]

Suggestion Box

Based on the way I described Cam the other day, a friend sent these Hedi Slimane shots. Now here’s a question: does he have any scars or tattoos? If he skates, he must have a few scars, at least. Some good ones, too, I’d imagine.

A Little Masculine Feminine Improv Action

In the spirit of improv, and given the number of skaters and ex-skaters I know, I’ve decided to change direction again. Besides, I have a “Go, Gonzo!” project folder that’s overflowing, so I’m happy to share, although I might rearrange these later. We’ll see. Credits, top to bottom images: Lauren Ward; Chad Moore; Kenneth Cappello; Artist Unknown; [...]