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(14), And In Love

“(15), And In Love,” the title of this past week’s writing sketches, came from my correspondence with collaborator Audrey Gatewood. Early on, maybe even in our first exchange, we got to talking about the story line of Saccades, and this character Thea Denny and her relationship with her boyfriend, Cam, and more so, what it [...]

AKA Binkypictures

It keeps happening: I wrote Bianca Gutman, also known as Binkypictures, yes, the night before our collaboration got started, because I had to double check for the Facebook announcement. I couldn’t remember if she was sixteen or seventeen, and I was thinking maybe seventeen, actually? Could she be a senior? Really couldn’t remember if she [...]

A Grand Illusionist

I’ve been watching Tara Violet Niami’s work for almost a year now. And at the age of sixteen, she’s become one of the photographers I admire most. One of the things that most impressed me about her photography, from the start, was the fact that she models for herself all the time, and yet very [...]

The Science of Sourire

I can always tell a Sourire photo. Her images stood out from the start, the first time I saw a couple of her pictures, posted in the project’s Flickr pool, they pulled me in. That’s always the sign, too, when I see something, and I duck my head, moving closer to the screen to get [...]

Poolside Chat

So, yeah, about Flickr Favorites Week. For the next eight days, I’ll be working with eight different images from eight young photographers, each of whom have shared one or more photographs in the Saccades Project’s Flickr pool that’s made my mind and hands race. Also, I asked each collaborator to choose a song to accompany their [...]

New Voices, New Visions: New Site Recommenations, 1

Zach Blume sent me a really, really nice note yesterday, and what made it especially nice is that he shared a couple amazing sites: one, dear—.tumblr.com, is a site in which you can post your own anonymous letter (lovers and/or haters are welcome).
I liked it so much, and it’s a goldmine for real voices, to [...]

Angel Light

Zoë Annesley-Harris


“Circustown USA (2),” by Miss Kate
Note: Kate posted this image on the project’s Flickr pool yesterday, and as soon as I saw it, right away, I wanted to know what the story was, who the girl was, and I started thinking about possibly using the picture for a post this week, trying to write to [...]

Collaboration 1: Michael Bailey-Gates

For the next eight days, Michael Bailey-Gates will be guest artist, guest DJ and Saccades Project collaborator. Which means that every day, for the next eight days, I will share one of his photographs, and one of the songs from his playlist, a soundtrack he said he often works with, and, lastly, I’ll share any [...]

Deuce Ex

Hard to say what, exactly, as ever but today’s photographs were chosen because they made me think about things the girls share, Melody and Thea. Perceptions; projections; the things I don’t know about them yet, and a few things I do. For example, the first thing Melody ever says to Thea is, “I like your [...]