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Featured Artists to date: Jack Davison, May 30; Mary Robinson, June 18; Luke Byrne, June 26; Ryan Kenny, July 11; Lydia Roberts, July 23; Sita McVay, July 31; and Bez Uma, August 7, 2011. My sincere thanks to every artist for all of their time, patience and generosity with me and this project.
There are many [...]

A (FB) Thank You Note

Dear Friends,
Officially, Saccades Project’s first birthday was October 21, a couple weeks ago. And I thought about it, certainly, but I didn’t want to make a fuss, because it just seemed kinda . . . kinda self-serving, you know? But, on second thought, I should’ve made a fuss, and a big one, at that. So, [...]


Hello, dear reader.
Well, having just hit the halfway mark of this project, 180 days in, I now have a thousand pages of writing that’s been generated in collaboration with a group of incredibly talented and extremely generous visual artists. Originally, the way I conceived Saccades Project was to collaborate with young artists, many of whom are in [...]

Old Friends

Full disclosure: Bentley Wood is one of my oldest friends. We grew up together. We go way back, all right. High school, even. Today, Bentley’s a musician, a filmmaker, a designer, an actor—so many things. Not to mention one of the funniest people I have ever known. Truly. And in all this time, this is [...]

Street Cred

Since beginning, I’ve been thinking about their lives, their relationships, this creative bond that Thea and Melody Knox share. I mean, the whole idea of these girls being twins in some way really interests me. And I’ve always imagined their world, the images they create together, whether in their notebook, their photo shoots, as being [...]

Songs to Film to Write By

A couple days ago, I wrote Jamie Paul and asked if he had a title in mind for his playlist, and he sent three: “Songs to Film By,” “Nevermind the Pixies, It’s the Mixtape,” and “Jamiepaul Presents Jamiepaul.” He said I could take my pick, so I chose the third option, simply because it made [...]


I was about to start by talking about how unique Ashlee Chavez’s work is—this combination of sweet and sexy and dreamy and sometimes scary and always unique—and it is, her work is all those things, absolutely. But there’s also the fact that Ashlee is a twin, and her twin sister, Amber Marie Chavez, is a [...]


The idea for this week was to use a new artist, a new song and new image, that is, to help me edit an older post. Double exposure, right? And I definitely had that sort of visual image, visual template, if you will, in mind, treating text the same. I mean, this project was designed [...]

Hiding Places

You know, it’s actually very difficult for me to describe the work of fifteen-year-old photographer Alex Simms. I’ve been watching his work for months, and I’ve been thinking about this all week, of course, but still. Even now, the best I can do is to say that every time I look at one of his [...]

And What of Shadows?

Ghostly, yes, that’s one word that came to mind the first time I saw Lauren Smart’s photography. But there was something familiar, warm, almost, about her figures, these specters. She plays with role reversals quite a bit in that in her pictures, ghosts are very human, really, in how fragile they are, while her human [...]