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Featured Artists: Synchrodogs

Names: Synchrodogs (Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven)
Ages: 22 and 27
Hometown: Ivano-Frankivsk, St. Petersburg
Current town: Western Ukraine
Film and/or Digital: film
First camera: Zenit, Zenit
Current camera: Contax G1, Contax G2
How long have you been taking photographs?
5 years in general, 3 together.
How did you two start working together?
Started dating.
What was your personal photography like before you met [...]

Artist Series: 3cm

Artist’s links: Flickr, Blog

Artist Series: Bert Wootton

Artist’s link: Flickr

Featured Artist: Amber Ortolano

Name: Amber Ortolano
Age: 15
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Current town: Lowville, New York
Film and/or Digital: Digital
First camera: Small Pentax SLR
Current camera: Nikon D5000
How long have you been taking photographs?
I have been taking photographs for about three years, since I was 12 to be exact!
Thoughts about first images ever taken, describe them?
My first images weren’t super thought-out, [...]

New Work/New Release: Cecilia Majzoub & Wolf In A Spacesuit

Cecilia Majzoub on working with Wolf In A Spacesuit:
A month or so ago, I was approached by Algebra Huxley of the flawless Chicago band, Wolf In A Spacesuit (WIAS), whom I have been a fan of for a few years now. He asked me to create some work for their new album. Space-like and dreamy [...]

Guest Curator: Audrey Banks

Credits (top to bottom): Eni Turkeshi, Esben Bøg Jensen, Amber Larks, city burns
Talk about the twelve images you chose for your gallery?
I didn’’t have more in mind than what’’s not boring, what’’s not contemporary, and what’’s not over-stylized. I’’m a little stuck in the past, I think, I’’m not too keen on art [...]

Featured Artist: Daniel Ribar

Name: Daniel Ribar
Age: 23
Hometown: Livonia, Michigan
Current town: Livonia, Michigan/Northern Michigan
Film and/or Digital: I try and bounce back and forth to keep things fresh, but I prefer film.
First camera: An old Polaroid camera I received for my seventh or eighth birthday.
Current camera: Leica R4 35mm and a 7D.
How long have you been taking photographs?
I started [...]

Artist Series: Tatjana Šuškic

Artist’s links: Flickr, Blog

Featured Artist: Pierre Wayser

Name: Pierre Wayser
Hometown: Paris, France
Film and/or Digital: Pointless.
First camera: A 1952 Kodak Retina IIa.
Current camera: Any image recorders.
How long have you been taking photographs?
Since I was 12.
Thoughts about first images ever taken, describe them?
It was a goat or a bench, maybe a triumphal arch!
What do you see when you look at your work [...]

Artist Series: Harley Weir

Artist’s links: Website, Flickr, Film, HUH. Magazine.