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April 24, 2010, Day 185/360

Playlist track 2, chosen by Michael Bailey-Gates. Originally posted December 2, 2009.

The Giant Tells: New Playlist

Guest Starring David Lynch
1. “Falling,” Julee Cruise
2. “Stars Eyes (I Can’t Catch It),” Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse feat. David Lynch
3. “Killing Time,” Moon Duo
4. “Melody Days,” Caribou
5. “All We Got,” Robert Gomez
6. “Eyepennies,” Sparklehorse/PJ Harvey
7. “In Dreams,” Roy Orbison
8. “Twin Peaks Theme,” Alex Raven
Guest Starring David Lynch (YouTube)/Guest Starring David Lynch (Mixpod)

The Giant Tells, 8

“Breaking and Entering,” Twin Peaks Week, Part 8/8
Setting: Thea’s reaching above her head, her fingers just inches from something she’s trying so hard to reach. (Continued from The Giant Tells, 1-7.)
I broke in. Again, yes. I didn’t mean to, really—I mean, I did, I knew what I was doing, okay. Of course I knew, it’s just [...]

The Giant Tells, 7

“White Powder,” Twin Peaks Week, Part 7/8
(See Twin Peaks, Video 7)
Setting: Thea’s kneeling on the ground in Sharon’s office at Coffee Shop diner. (Continued from Twin Peaks Week, Parts 1-6.)
The stars. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, and then I turned the envelope upside down, tried to shake it out, but it was [...]

The Giant Tells, 6

“Padded Envelopes,” Twin Peaks Week, Part 6/8
(See Twin Peaks, Video 6)
Setting: Thea’s standing in front of trash dumpster, behind Coffee Shop diner, her mouth open. (Continued from The Giant Tells, 1-5.)
I was standing behind Coffee Shop, near the dumpsters. I don’t know why, really. Just that I like to stay away from the road anymore, [...]

The Giant Tells, 5

“Family Emergencies,” Twin Peaks Week, Part 5/8
(See Twin Peaks, Video 5)
Setting: Thea kneels, picking her phone up, off the floor of Coffee Shop, and nearly loses her balance, standing again. (Continued from Twin Peaks Week, Part 4/8.)
Knox was on the phone. I managed to dial before I dropped my phone, and I could hear his [...]

The Giant Tells, 4

“Dreaming In Twin,” Twin Peaks Week, Part 4/8
(See Twin Peaks, Video 4)
Setting: Thea’s holding a cell phone to her ear, walking into Coffee Shop diner, later afternoon, May, 2009. (Continued from The Giant Tells, 1-3.)
All I could think about all day long was what they dreamt. The twins, I mean. Because the thing is, the [...]

The Giant Tells, 3

“Skim-Milky-Blue,” Twin Peaks Week, Part 3/8
Setting: Thea’s standing at the bus stop, early morning, May, 2009. (Continued from The Giant Tells, 1 & 2.)
It was a Monday—it was the Monday morning after the night I slept over at Melody’s house. For some reason, it was just me and twin, standing at the bus stop. It’d [...]

The Giant Tells, 2

“Doppelganger,” Twin Peaks Week, Part 2/8
Setting: Two children, identical twins, a boy and a girl, approximately seven years old, are standing in the aisle of a Walmart, staring.
I started screaming. Ohmygod, when he said, that—the midget or little person, whatever—when he said, Doppelganger!, I started screeching. And then, when Laura Palmer started screaming, I [...]

The Giant Tells, 1

“Hot Coffee,” Twin Peaks Week, Part 1/8
(See Twin Peaks, Video 1)
Setting: Thea and Cam are sitting in a booth at the Coffee Shop diner. Late afternoon, October, 2008.
You know I’d never seen Twin Peaks before—before I met Cam, I mean. I mean, I’d heard of it, of course. I knew the song, I’d seen [...]