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Featured Artist: Eni Turkeshi

Name: Eni Turkeshi
Hometown: Tirana , Albania
Current town: Tirana, Albania
Film and/or Digital:
I use both. I have a weakness for analogue and for its processes magic, but I’d not underrate digital as well. It’s cheap, fast and good if you’re making experiments. I find the analogue-versus-digital dialogue pointless, actually, because in the end, it doesn’t matter the [...]

Featured Artist: Jillian Marleen Becker

Name: Jillian Marleen Becker
Age: 21
Hometown: A village near Hannover
Current town: Hannover, Germany
Film and/or Digital: Film
First camera: Some compact camera that my grandparents gave to me as a child.
Current camera: Zenit-B and Minolta x-300 are the ones I use most at the moment. I have a Kodak Retinette and an Olympus mju II that I grab every [...]

Artist Series: 3cm

Artist’s links: Flickr, Blog

Guest Curator: Audrey Banks

Credits (top to bottom): Eni Turkeshi, Esben Bøg Jensen, Amber Larks, city burns
Talk about the twelve images you chose for your gallery?
I didn’’t have more in mind than what’’s not boring, what’’s not contemporary, and what’’s not over-stylized. I’’m a little stuck in the past, I think, I’’m not too keen on art [...]

Featured Artist: Pierre Wayser

Name: Pierre Wayser
Hometown: Paris, France
Film and/or Digital: Pointless.
First camera: A 1952 Kodak Retina IIa.
Current camera: Any image recorders.
How long have you been taking photographs?
Since I was 12.
Thoughts about first images ever taken, describe them?
It was a goat or a bench, maybe a triumphal arch!
What do you see when you look at your work [...]

Artist Series: Tanya Vasilyeva

Artist’s links: Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook

April 13, 2010, Day 174/360

Playlist track 6 chosen by guest artist/DJ/collaborator Bentley Wood.

Drivers’ Ed

This Noah Kalina photograph gave me an idea. Following up on the car posts of the past couple days, I think it only makes sense if Cam teaches Thea how to drive a stick. In his car, of course. And naturally, he would choose a spot like this, assuming there’s nothing she could possibly hit. Well, [...]

Tattoo Youth

Thea doesn’t have any tattoos, but she does have a pretty serious scar on her shoulder blade. It’s about three inches long and a third-inch wide. I don’t know how she got it yet, but what I do know is that in the course of the book, this scar becomes a tattoo. One night, getting [...]

Mixed Tape Mania

Often, when I’m writing, I know I’m on to something, or at least I know I’m being honest when I feel uncomfortable and debate erasing whatever it is I’ve just written. Looking at IAAFOTS’s image yesterday, I had to laugh, reminded how, back in the dawn of mixed tape time, mixes were always named the [...]