Courtney Eldridge

Guest Curator: Timothy Buckwalter

These twelve images were chosen by friend, artist and guest curator Timothy Buckwalter, one of the few people who has read a draft of Ghost Time, the first book written under the umbrella of Saccades Project. These photographs will appear in Gallery 8, on the project website, and special thanks to Tim and all the artists who have kindly allowed their work to be shared here. Instead of a Q&A or interview, Tim wrote the following introduction to the work he chose from the project’s Flickr pool:

Under The Big Black Sun by Timothy Buckwalter

Is there a better pop song than “Under The Big Black Sun”? Probably not.

What I did on my vacation for the last ten years, took pictures of your town. Plaid perfume on my breath.

Summertime, and the living is easy.

When I read Courtney’s book, everything seemed to happen in a kind of night that is barely contained in the washout of a camera’s scorching flash or tracked in the blistering beam of one of those spotlights, the ones you plug into the car’s cigarette lighter. Or maybe messily alive and passed out on the couch beneath a black hole sun.

The secret to a career in art? There is none. But here are two bits of advice: Compromise . . . it’s lonely out here, don’t make it lonelier. Always be the last one standing. Jake La Motta was. And in the end, he was spouting poetry.

Come on, hit me. Harder. Harder.

1, Zach McCaffree, flickr

2, Amedeo Abello, flickr

3, Connie Gegenfurtner, flickr

Cecilia Majzoub

5, Emily Scherzinger

6. Ashton Dixon, www.ashtondixonphotography.blogspot

7, Jan Zimmerman

8, Joel Sossa, flickr

10, Mackensie Noelle Leek, flickr

11, still mad as hell, flickr

12, Stephen Edwards, Flickr link

Credits (top to bottom): Zach McCaffree, Amedeo Abello, Connie Gegenfurtner, Cecilia Majzoub, Emily Scherzinger, Ashton Dixon, Jan Zimmerman, Joel Sossa, Jamie Paul, Mackensie Noelle Leek, still mad as hell and Stephen Edwards.

Playlist: 7 tracks from Grinderman, Dennis Hopper, Johnny Cash, Francis Ford Coppola, Marlon Brando, Liquid Sky, The Horrors, Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro, here: Guest Curator: Timothy Buckwalter.

Timothy Buckwalter is an artist in San Francisco.


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