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Name: Eni Turkeshi

Hometown: Tirana , Albania
Current town: Tirana, Albania

Film and/or Digital:
I use both. I have a weakness for analogue and for its processes magic, but I’d not underrate digital as well. It’s cheap, fast and good if you’re making experiments. I find the analogue-versus-digital dialogue pointless, actually, because in the end, it doesn’t matter the medium you use but the freshness you bring visually.

First camera:
When I was a kid, I used to use an analogue camera which belonged to my family. I don’t remember the camera’s brand unfortunately.

Current cameras: Canon 40D, a broken-lensed Canon IXUS 6.0 (digital), Canon 500N, Lomo Smena 8M, Minolta, and a handmade pinhole camera (analogue).

How long have you been taking photographs?
In 2006, I joined the flickr site out of curiosity, and obviously I enjoyed my experience very much, so I started taking photos all the time and have ever since.

Thoughts about first images ever taken, describe them?
Well, if I consider my first images, especially the ones taken after 2006, I would say that, technically and visually, there are many changes since then, but many of the reasons that urge me to take photos are not much different.

What do you see when you look at your work now?
With the time passing, my eyes and ways of perceiving photography and anything visual are naturally trained and have reached a level of satiation on liking some work or finding it worthwhile to enrich my senses. This doesn’t mean that I dislike or underestimate previous works, but that they are always in search of some new inspiration. My previous works are like a map of my journey in visual arts, each of them reminding me of very precious and unforgettable things. When I look at my work, I think of it as a place of my emotions where I can shelter myself.

And what do you hope others will see in your work, if anything? Their experience?
I don’t hope for much because, firstly, I take photos to express myself. But I’m happy to hear people saying my photos touch them emotionally.

What do you look for in an image? What makes a great photograph for you?
Frankly, I was never in search of the perfect photo, but I am always ready to create imagery that awakens my senses and excites my soul.






Favorite artists?
František Drtikol, Man Ray, Madame Yevonde, Seijun Suzuki, Victor Hugo, Ambrose Bierce, Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, Jan Svankmajer, Andrey Tarkovsky, Aleksey Balabanov, Salvador Dali, and so many others that I’m feeling ashamed for not remembering now.

Favorite places online?
I’m not the kind of person that goes to check online for inspiration. To me, inspiration must be like ‘love at first sight,’ you just see it by accident and fall for it. I would go online to check for something I know nothing of and which I’d like to learn how to do. Still, there are some sites I like to look at. I like tumblr, though I haven’t checked it as much, but I’ve heard it’s a good place for inspiration for many people. I like youtube too, you can find so much interesting stuff there. Behance is also a good example for visual arts. Interior design sites are also  very catchy, particularly Slanted Mansion.

Favorite photographs?
Not in order or admiration and just a little part of my top favorites . . . Jon Estwards, Alison Scarpulla, Anastasia Medvedeva, Jagoda Boruch, Burçin Esin, Wayne Mackeson, Paulina Syrus, Ellen Rogers, Francesco Viscuso and Zweifellos Mondbetont.

Young photographers who most inspire you now?
Some of them are: Bezymianny, Hanna Källebo Neikter, Julia Agafanova, Aelia Laelia, Lukasz WierzbowskiZweifellos Mondbetont, Brittany Markert and Rosanna Jones.

Artist’s Playlist: “A mixed bunch of nice ear candies,” 25 tracks from Hungry Ghosts, Doina și Bătuta, Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, Marcha por la Ceremonia de los Turcos, Paul Cantelon, Anouar Brahem, Aunt Mary, Timber Timbre, O.M.F.O., Vivaldi Cantate, John Murphy & Daniel L. Griffiths, Sainkho Namtchylak, Nico, Dead Can Dance, Jan Garbarek, DeVotchKa, Royksopp, My Yiddishe Tate Clarinet, Nexhmije Pagarusha, Orient Expressions, Fleet Foxes, Ultimate Spinach, The Herbaliser and Thievery Corporation, here: Saccades Blog Interview




Of all the artists you mention, talk about Klaus Kinski?
I like Klaus Kinski because of the way he was. A super talented, crazy, sincere, genuine, passionate, arrogant, rebel artist. He was himself and he never tried to look like somebody else. I respect the way he choose to live his life and art. I respect him because of the way he choose to transmit all of his ups and downs, just as a fruit of his personality, not an effort to become more popular. I think in a way he was also very naïve and unprotected. He had amazing acting abilities, voice and mimics. He and his close friend and sometimes enemy Werner Herzog (another favorite artist of mine), with whom he collaborated in several projects. Together, I think they bestowed us some serious visual emotions.

Has Kinski ever directly inspired a particular photo or shoot?
Actually, yes. I love his performance in Aguirre, the Wrath of God . . . so I had it in mind while taking this picture of my friend Johannes. I was lucky because Johannes had great mimics, too.

Best piece of advice you have ever received about photography?
I don’t think I have a very satisfactory or at least a concrete answer for this. Not because I didn’t take any advice, but mainly because, after all, I think, everyone will see things the way they want to, or wish to be, so such advice doesn’t count that much to me.

However, I can say that the best advice I took is not from someone but from my observations which are generally not deliberate but mainly instinctual from some sudden interest or infatuation to  something. These observations can be technical, spiritual, emotional or whatsoever. They teach me a lot of things, in a tender, passionate, and most importantly, in a way that leaves signs in my soul. It is these observations that fuel the wish of creating and showing of my visual stories.

Where do you want to take your photography?
I would like to experiment all the time with photography, try as many things as possible, let it be technically, conceptually, emotionally. It’s always the expectation of creating something new, and getting surprised by trying, that excites me the most.

I love to alternate my visual works and I have spiced up my photography with many other mediums until now and plan to keep on like this with other ones.









Artist’s links: Behance, Flickr, Blog, Facebook

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