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Hello, dear reader.

Well, having just hit the halfway mark of this project, 180 days in, I now have a thousand pages of writing that’s been generated in collaboration with a group of incredibly talented and extremely generous visual artists. Originally, the way I conceived Saccades Project was to collaborate with young artists, many of whom are in their mid-teens, to use their very real imagery to help develop a visual world  and identity as part of the story of this fictional fifteen-year-old artist, Thea Denny. Structurally, the story will come full circle, beginning and ending at the same point in time—a 360-degree turn in 360 days, basically. And now I know for certain the book will absolutely be finished in 360 days from the day this project began, October 22, 2009.

Things just happened a little faster than expected, that’s all. Trust me, a thousand pages is a lot of material to handle. It’s a good problem—it’s a great problem to have, and I’m grateful for it. But now I need to make some adjustments to the original concept, slow things down, before continuing any further. After all, no project will succeed without making adjustments along the way, right?

So far, if you haven’t seen, heard and/or read any of the collaborations, please be sure to check out the work created in collaboration with Michael Bailey-Gates, Laurence Philomene, Keith Davis Young, Eliza Graumlich, Audrey Gatewood, Alex Simms, Lauren Smart, Tara Violet Niami, the eight photographers of Flickr Favorites Week, Ashlie Chavez, Bentley Wood and Aeschleah.

There will most definitely be more collaborations in the near future, but I’ve never wanted to impose deadlines on other artists. So when that work arrives, I will post notices of new collaborations on the project’s Facebook page, where, in the meantime, I will continue posting a Picture of the Day, chosen from the Saccades Project’s Flickr pool.


You can also check out all project playlists at the project’s Mixpod and YouTube channels. And there are some good ones, too!


Much thanks, and we shall return.

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  1. Kathleen Keeslar
    Posted May 3, 2010 at 8:43 pm | Permalink

    You lost me at “young”..I’m ancient, but still look forward to reading your works!

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