Courtney Eldridge

Now That I Know

Notes for an upcoming collaboration with Sabino Aguad:

He asked what we did that day, Detective Knox. That morning, in the teacher’s conference room, he asked what we did after school, and I told him he went to my house.

You missed last period, he said.

Honestly, I didn’t miss it at all, I said, and he smiled.

And you were at your house that entire time?


And nothing unusual?

What’s unusual?

Nothing that sticks out in your mind? Nothing Cam said that struck you as odd?

Everything Cam says strikes me as odd. That’s what I like about him: he’s very odd.

If you think of anything, in particular, he said, reaching for his card, and all I could think is how hoaky it must feel, asking those types of questions.

Anyhow, what I didn’t tell him is that we went for a drive. We skipped last period and we went for a drive; we went to this spot in the woods. It’s just this place we like to think of as our own, and I took my camera. Sitting there, at the table in the conference room, I realized I hadn’t even downloaded the pictures I took that day. But why would he need to know any of that? Could it matter, really? And then, suddenly, I wanted to run home and see the film I’d shot.

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