Courtney Eldridge

Let the Games Begin.

A friend asked me this morning if I was serious about the shirt design contest, and I am most definitely serious. Actually, I hope he’s serious, because now I really want to wear the shirt that he hasn’t even designed yet. Because he’s just that good, yeah.

Well. Feeling encouraged by his interest, this afternoon, I wrote another friend, who’s an incredibly talented printmaker, asking if she’d get involved, and she said she’d get right on it. So, hopefully, I’ll have two serious contenders in the near future.

Speaking of shirts, take a look at this. I’ve had this saved for a few months now. Because it was this design that really led me to thinking about Cam, about pranking, and about the sort of hacker pranks that Cam could, at least potentially, pull. I do like the idea of this sort of, you know, virtual outlaw. For example, I have this idea that Foley suspects Cam is the culprit, that Cam is the reason why Style.com had to shut down their site for a day or two, couldn’t get the graffiti off their code. Which really makes me want to write that particular scene sooner than later. But really, where have all the prankers gone? If you know any, ask them to send me a shirt design, will you?

Actually, no, no, no—wait a minute, wait—Wasted German Youth. What was that boy’s name, the boy in Germany—I don’t remember, some AP headline, something like, “Serial Killer Teen Wakes From Coma”? And it was just last month, no? Maybe that’s my missing link? “I Love You, I’m Going to Blow Up Your School?” Strange . . ..

Anyhow, take a look:


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